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I’ve been flicking through the Free! tag after episode 11 and I was unbelievably saddened to see so many people hating on Haruka.

The reason? For lashing out on Makoto the way he did. People are saying that Haruka could have gone about this differently. I understand and accept that fact. Makoto didn’t deserve it because he has been by Haruka’s side for years, offering him love and support.

But put yourself in Haruka’s shoes.

He’s been hounded by virtually everyone to pursue a career in competitive swimming ever since he got scouted, especially by Rin and his teachers at Iwatobi. As an audience, we are fully aware of Haruka’s unlimited capabilities in the sport and how he could go even further. We have expectations of him as do Rin, his teachers and the scouts to produce astounding results. But this only put pressure on Haruka. 

We, as the audience and spectators, should relate to Haruka at this point. We too know the pressures of choosing what we want to do with our futures. The amount of stress you feel from parents and teachers making your choices is suffocating. You want to run from it.

The problem is that people within the series presume that what Haruka wants is to swim and is happy to do so because he loves it. But remember, Haruka loves to swim freely not competitively to get times or to win. Haruka is already aware that Rin has a dream and aspires to go pro. He has moved on, yet Haruka hasn’t and is still undecided. The confrontation between Haruka and Rin in episode 9 was extremely important for showcasing Haruka’s stress, insecurities and uncertainty: 

R: “This was an important match with all the scouts watching!”

H: “What do I care about that?”

H: “Because scouts were watching? So I can set records in front of a crowd? None of that is what I swim for.”

R: “Then what do you swim for?”

H: “I swim for myself and my friends.”

R: “Then swim for your friends, and for your own sake.”

R: “Do you not understand that what you do out there is going to impact your future? Don’t you have a dream?! Take this more seriously! I know you could-“

H: “You’re the one who doesn’t understand! What dream? What future? It’s you who cares about all that! I’m not you! I don’t have any of that!”

This scene clearly highlights the fact that Haruka wasn’t allowed a say in what he wants to do. Because of people’s assumptions, Haruka felt compelled to fulfill their expectations but it was something that he did which wasn’t what his heart was telling him. It only restricted him more and narrowed his path, hence why he stopped in his race. Here, he finally expresses what HE wants for himself. He’s right in saying that he’s not Rin. He is not Rin, he is Haruka. Haruka is a person; an individual. Haruka who is undecided and doesn’t know what to do. He’s allowed to be selfish and have desires like us. He’s allowed to make his own choices; it is his right and his right only.

The dialogue between Haruka and Makoto in episode 11 is also important:

M: “Haru, I… don’t think you can go on this way either.”

M: “Until now, I thought that if this was what you wanted, it was fine. Because whatever Rin said, I wanted to respect your wishes.”

M: “But what you said to Rin at regionals…”

M: “If you truly want to stay as you are, I won’t say anything. But… if it’s just that you can’t a dream for yourself I… would want you to find one.”

Later on when Haruka attempts to leave:

H: “However many times I listen, it’s the same! You can’t find a dream just by looking for one! I’m fine with the way things are!”

M: “You’re lying! The truth is, you want to find a dream too! You should find that dream, and go flying into the outside world to follow it! You have the ability to do that!”

H: “Even you’re talking like this? Where I swim and who I swim for… I’m free to decide that for myself! And I’m saying I’m fine with the way things are!”

M: “But you’re not fine!”

Makoto shows genuine concern for Haruka and pretty much hits the nail on this because he notices everything about Haruka, but because of the high amount of pressure put on Haruka by Rin and others already, his mindset makes him automatically assume that Makoto is telling him the exact same things as everyone else; to swim. When pressured, we can be blinded and oblivious to those loved ones who extend their hand to us. We tend to misunderstand and misread things. By this point, Haruka is distraught and is on the verge of breaking down.

Then Makoto declares that he’s going to study in Tokyo. The one person who has been by Haruka’s side for so many years said they’re leaving him. It is here that Haruka realises that even Makoto has found himself a “dream” and that he’s the only one who is trapped where he is. He still hasn’t moved forward. He’s being left alone. He feels betrayed, confused, frustrated. These changes in his life, with Makoto leaving and Rin going pro, frighten him. This really breaks him.


"I never expected Haruka to snap at Makoto like that no matter what he said or asked."

"I get that Haruka doesn’t know… but it doesn’t matter."

"Until you make up with Makoto, I will hold a harsh grudge and not like you for a while."

It DOES matter.

I think that Haruka represents us when it comes to making these decisions. He embodies the traits of young people when we are pressured by our elders and our friends to choose what path we want to take. 


He is an individual like Makoto, Nagisa, Rei and Rin. He has his ups and downs. He makes mistakes. He has emotions and feels a certain way to certain things like we do; before he hardly said anything unless it was necessary. Now he’s finally speaking up about himself and what he wants. Why can’t he be allowed to speak out when so many people didn’t listen to what he wanted to say about what he should do with his future? Finally, we all hurt people; even if it was intentional or unintentional.

Imagine being put under so much pressure. You’d feel lost. You’d feel frustrated. You’d feel angry at your inability to decide. Why isn’t Haruka allowed to express his feelings about things like we do?

Can you understand, even if it’s just a little, why Haruka did what he did?

I have said countless times, and will continue saying this, Free! is a work of fiction. It is completely down to the director’s, writer’s and producer’s discretion as to what direction they take with Haruka’s character development. I do not care if I get hate because of this. I really do not. I felt it was important to speak out about Haruka because I will protect that boy with my life as I will with every other character in this series.






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"Do you think it’s possible to redeem the kinds of things that we’ve done?"
"Is this where you start moralizing?"
"Listen, what you’ve been through… ain’t nobody in the world who deserves that."
"Are you going to just sit there?"
"Are you afraid of God?"

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insert the pronouns to suit the child. the ‘—-’ indicates where to put those, or the name of the child.

  • "Your baby at 5am."
  • "—- Had a nightmare, —- wants to sleep in our bed tonight."
  • "You have to check under the bed for monsters or —- will never sleep."
  • "Damn, we’re out of formula, where’s…
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  • "You’re so cute when you’re sleepy."
  • "Welcome home, I made you dinner!"
  • "I accidentally brought a kitten home."
  • "Get your spoon out the bowl! There’ll be no cake mix left to make actual cakes with!"
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"Are you wearing my clothes…?"

"…it seems so…" Haru shrugged and wrapped his arms around his own torso, those clothes were so warm…

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